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We help innovative companies
to make a difference
with cutting-edge digital tools

What We Do

We make digital tools using the most advanced technologies for increasing productivity and improve the processes of estimating, engineering, and production.
Our efforts are addressed to the modern companies that build components and systems for industrial automation.
We work hard to create tools that make a difference.

Revolution of Tech Stacks

Typical industrial firms have boring workflows and complex processes.
We focus on tools for estimating, engineering, and monitoring of the production helping our customers to implement better procedures.
We make it simple by integrating new technologies into existing systems, we make them interoperable and productive.
We create real technology stacks.

We support our clients with solutions that enable practices, processes, and workflows that are:

  • Productive / Efficient
  • Predicatable / Repeatable
  • Safe / Low Risk

DennaDesign Studio provides

  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Cloud Services
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), MR (Mixed Reality)
  • Custom Software Development

for the design, management and control of Industrial Processes and Automation Systems.



BIM is today's standard in design, a huge CAD (r)evolution.
Simple geometric entities become smart objects, generic solid figures are transformed into active components of the project, and the data supports engineers and designers in the decision making processes.
BIM allows to improve the productivity and the general quality of the project, it leads to a progressive reduction of costs and a reduction of materials waste.
BIM means above all having a more complete and detailed documentation.

DennaDesign Studio supports companies in adopting BIM best practices, it helps in the creation and development of the projects, it makes tools that speed up activities and secure data.



DennaDesign creates software tools for Production Management, Industrial Supervision and Real-time Control of automated systems.

HMI is the interface between manufacturing processes and the operators.
The purpose of the HMI is to show the operating status of each device belonging to the system under control.
HMI provides detailed information on the fault conditions and allows to send commands for the management of the entire industrial automation system.

Our HMI helps operators and managers to improve performance, optimize processes, reduce errors, maximize efficiency by providing real-time and historical detailed data.

The software modules of the SURFER line-up, based on over 20 years of experience, allow optimal management of production in sorting and logistics plants.



The potential of all Internet technologies gets multiplied by IoT.
There are currently more devices connected to the internet than humans and the number grows exponentially every day.
With a cloud architecture, you can keep track of and communicate with all your devices, all the time, even when they aren't connected.

DennaDesign cooperates with highly specialized partners to offer safe, efficient, and easy to use systems.
We offer complete solutions with solid back-ends and gorgeous front-ends.

DennaDesign recommends and uses the cloud services of Amazon AWS.


Innovation is part of our DNA

Industrial automated systems are always a complex jungle of data and constraints of all types.
Different processes intersect, a lot of applications saturate the workstations and neurons of the designers.

The digital tools of DennaDesign allow rationalizing the flow of information, reduce the complexity of the systems and improve the productivity of the processes.

Power Distribution/ Electricty

Designing electrical energy distribution systems requires high skills and attention to detail contained in the technical specifications.
All the experience of previous works must also be drawn on, the documentation must be complete and flawless.

Powerful tools of the PSZ suite perform all these tasks and interface with the most used software in BIM processes.

Logistics/ Material Handling

In a sorting plant, every day, tens of thousands of parcels are processed.
Everything must work perfectly.
The activities of the staff must be coordinated with the operation of the automatic systems.

Operators have total control of the situation in realtime via the SurferS1 advanced HMI interface, designed to reduce the time required to identify critical issues and optimize the performance of production cycle.

Air Quality Management

DennaDesign has actively participated in a project that focuses on human well-being, the design and construction of an air purifier with innovative features following today's needs.

DennaDesign has created a frontend that gives access to all the data that IoT devices send to the cloud, thanks to georeferencing it is possible to make advanced analyzes on the operating status and the air quality.


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